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Компания «TreeWords» в Санкт-Петербурге


Thanks to globalization and the internet,the world is a smaller and smaller place every day. It is no longer enough to simply speak your native language. We at TreeWords understand this,and we are looking for young English teachers and specialists in linguistics,methodology,and education who want to help people learn new languages and improve their lives. You might be just who we're looking for!

We will be teaching our lessons online over special software,offering our students custom-built courses and assigning teachers to them based on shared interests,letting learning a new language be as simple as chatting with a friend. You will be able to work from home with a multinational group of professionals,with all the advantages that brings. No need to dress up for work every day,no need to drag yourself to an office if you're ill,and no clutter or wasted paper,since all work is done online.

As well as this,we also have another key advantage:we will employ methodologists to analyse our students' results,letting us adapt the course as the student's abilities and interests change. The advantage to this is two-fold:it lets them learn at a constant rate,and it keeps them interested and motivated.

We need you to help us make our project the best it can possibly be. Our specialists would take part in a scientific study of our project,produce a paper,and give their reputation in the scientific community a huge boost,all the while helping us improve our project. Our methodologists would gain important professional experience in a truly international venture. Our teachers would utilize a friendly and personal method of teaching,gaining experience in teaching English as a second language and giving their career a big boost.

In short,you would gain a lot from our opportunity,just as we would gain a lot from you.

If you would like a job which rewards you not only with a competitive salary,but with professional and personal fulfilment,contact us today! We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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Вакансии «TreeWords» в Санкт-Петербурге:

25 000–30 000 руб.
26 марта
Опыт работы: от 1 до 3 лет. Высшее образование Беглая грамотная английская речь Креативность в методах преподавания Продвинутый пользователь ПК Высокоскоростной и стабильный интернет Веб-камера и ... Условия работы: Работа в комфортной обстановке из дома Полная или частичная занятость Почасовая оплата Онлайн платформа с наработанной базой готовых курсов Методическая поддержка и тренинги Работа в ...

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